MASSAGE THERAPY: "The Perfect Prelude to Chiropractic Care"

massage1 The first and most important rule at Festa Chiropactic is to do whatever it takes to alleviate pain and problems from our patients. Because we believe in doing so to the best of our abiity, Festa Chiropractic has added a certified massage therapist to its staff. Why bother with a massage before submitting to chiropractic care? That's a good question and one that deserves an answer.

"Massage therapy," explained Dr. Ron Festa, "is a perfect lead-in to your chiropractic care. The concepts behind massage therapy dovetail perfectly with what we, as chiropractors do. As proponents of the idea that the human body should be viewed as a whole and its parts work in relationship to one another, we at Festa Chiropractic see the addition of massage therapy as a way to make our techniques even more effective."

Consider the following: its a fact that different types of treatment are either better suited or aid in the treatment of different painful or bothersome conditions. Deep massage therapy can improve healing by permitting better circulation to an injured area, and by massaging and "breaking down" what are commonly known as "knots" that form in the body. A knot can occur when various substances become enmeshed with muscle fibers. These substances, lactic acid for example, become trapped and cause inflammation, which then results in pain and stiffness. Massaging those area release the offending substance and reduces the inflammation. This allows the muscle itself to return to a relaxed condition so that it can heal.

The best healing that you can receive is already part of you. Your body knows what it must do to keep itself in a state of health. However, massage therapists and chiropractors aid by removing obstacles that prevent the body from doing its job.

trigger point massage orange county 1"How often," asked Dr. Festa, "have you gone to a physician and been treated for one problem, only to subsequently discover that there was, if fact, an underlying problem causing the pain and discomfort to begin with? The real problem might not even be located in the same area as the area first treated!

"That's why it is so important to view the body as one finely synchronized mechanism, and approach treatment by focusing on the integrated parts. By first submitting the body to massage therapy, we address the muscles that support the skeletal structure, making our alignments easier to do and more beneficial once done."

A bit more on deep massage therapy: not only does massage therapy aid in the relief of pain and subsequent healing, it directly addresses back and neck pain, headaches, problems caused by scar tissue, and more. Pregnant women, for example, can receive a more gentle form of massage therapy to lessen edema. Patients who simply suffer from tension caused by daily stress can submit to massaging that focuses on muscles, nerves and blood flow that exist just below the skin surface.

Festa Chiropractic is proud that we now offer one more way to improve your overall health and wellness. Between massage therapy and chiropractic care, we believe that we can help you reach new levels of well-being; and that with continued smart lifestyle choices, aided by our treatment, you can live a better, more fulfilling existence each and every day.